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CY 2025 MA Final Rule Details Independent Review Appeals Process

Long-awaited protections for Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries and providers have been finalized! Soon, SNFs will be able to access an independent review for MA denials, including escalation to an ALJ. Celtic President and CEO, Maureen McCarthy, spoke with McKnights Long-Term Care News about steps the CY 2025 MA Final Rule made to level the playing … Continue reading

SNFs May Soon Have The Ability To Review And Correct PBJ Data

Providers, this fall you may have the ability to review and correct Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) data! Celtic President and CEO, Maureen McCarthy, talked to McKnight’s Long Term Care News about how this change in the proposed FY 2025 Medicare Part A rule could be a big opportunity for SNFs to improve their PBJ results. … Continue reading

FY 2025 Medicare Part A Rule Released

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed Fiscal Year 2025 Medicare Part A Rule was released – expanded civil monetary penalty (CMP) policies for surveyors and unclear processes for collecting “validating data” for QRP by FY 2027 top concerns for providers. Veteran consultant and Celtic President and CEO, Maureen McCarthy, spoke with McKnights … Continue reading

FY 2025 SNF VBP Program March 2024 Quarterly Reports Available

How did you do? FY 2025 SNF VBP Program March 2024 Interim Quarterly Confidential Feedback Reports are available to download in iQIES. Reports include interim stay-level data for the SNF 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Measure (SNFRM) for 10/1/22-6/30/23, the FY 2025 SNF VBP program performance period. Interim data is not final and subject to change. Did … Continue reading

MDS Transition or Escape Room Adventure?

Was 10/1 an MDS transition or did providers nationwide enter an escape room adventure? In Maureen McCarthy’s guest column for McKnights Long-Term Care News, she explores common errors reported by SNFs and offers three tips to use during tricky Triple Check meetings. Have you encountered pain points with the new MDS during these initial months? … Continue reading

Myers & Stauffer Releases Memo With Big Changes for CT SNFs

Myers and Stauffer released a memo this week with HUGE changes for Connecticut SNF providers, effective on Sunday (10/1/2023). CT Providers – did you know: Beginning 10/1, you will need to complete an Optional State Assessment (OSA) MDS for ALL PAYERS, for all federally required MDSs (excluding stand-alone Discharges, stand-alone End of PPS Stay NPEs, … Continue reading