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Compliance & Clinical Reimbursement for Long-Term Care

Celtic Consulting provides nursing home consulting services to long term care, post-acute providers, including educational and training services, to promote overall efficiency and compliance.

Celtic Consulting commonly provides services to nursing homes in the following areas: MDS Management, Compliance Auditing, Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI), 5 Star Rating System Improvement, ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding Training, Billing and Denials Management and Regulatory Survey Preparation. 


  • Quarterly MDS Update Forum

    Wed, Nov 30, 2016

    9:00am - 3:00pm

    Wallingford, CT

    Join Celtic Consulting each Quarter for a Seminar Series that will address the timeliest topics affecting you in your building. Each quarter, Maureen McCarthy and Celtic Consulting Associates will host an educational seminar to review recent updates, changes, and issues, that impact critical processes in your facility. Each series will include a training session in morning, followed by a forum session in the afternoon.

    To register, download and complete Registration Form; and return by mail.



  • “Maureen McCarthy is a giant in the community of risk assessment with respect to verifying the billing process within the Medicare market in post-acute care. Maureen is diligent, smart, and extremely knowledgeable in the third party world of payers. She keeps her clients informed about the findings, suggesting corrections and/or systems changes, and offers insights to areas that can be an opportunity in the changing landscape. Utilize her services on a regular basis, gives peace of mind that we are performing due diligence particularly in light of PEPPER reports.”
    Celtic Consulting Client
  • “I wanted to tell you how informative and thought-provoking the ICD-10 seminar was. Several of the attendees approached me afterward and told me how much they learned. They felt confident in being able to assign ICD-10 codes. Kristin did a great job! She answered questions readily and made a very intimidating subject seem logical.”
    Attendee at one of Celtic’s educational seminars
  • “Maureen has helped us increase from a 1-star in Quality Measures and today we are a mere 5 points from a 4-star. She has also assisted us with survey preparation, in order to improve our survey star rating as well. Her services are highly recommended and my only regret is that we did not implement services quickly enough when started seeing problems. If we had, we could have been included in the ACO we were trying to be considered for. If you are starting to see potential issues with your quality metrics, contact her right away! Maureen and her team not only report findings, they assist us in correcting the issues and improving our performance. Celtic Consulting provides the ‘whole package’.”
    Celtic Consulting Client