Staffing Star Calculation Changes May Impact Overall 5-Star Ratings with July 2022 Refresh

Providers brace for impact on their overall Five Star ratings with the July 2022 refresh. CMS released the Five-Star Technical Users Guide (available to download here), detailing changes to staffing rating and overall quality rating methodologies. Staffing and retention now have a greater influence on a provider’s ability to achieve a 1 Star gain in their Overall Star rating.

  • Four NEW measures were added to calculations for staffing ratings (Weekend nursing staffing levels, total nurse turnover, RN turnover, Administrator turnover)
  • Effective now, ONLY nursing homes with 5-Star Staffing Ratings will increase 1 Star in their Overall Star rating

Celtic supports our clients with Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) data reviews. Through analysis, we can determine and address potential opportunities to improve your staffing data capture.

Do you have retention concerns? Celtic offers Clinical Operations services targeted to improve staff retention. Staffing is scarce, but we can help by offering long term solutions:

  • Enhance staff development programs to build skills and competencies
  • Develop staff satisfaction surveys to assess engagement of current staff 
  • Evaluate orientation programs for effectiveness
  • Assess and implement clinical pathways/ladders/opportunities for growth within the organization that encourage retention

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