SNFs nationwide are learning where they stand (for now) in the FY 2023 SNF VBP Program.

March 2022 Interim Quarterly Confidential Feedback Reports are available in the QIES/CASPER system.

Reports include interim stay-level data for the SNF 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Measure (SNFRM) for 10/1/20-6/30-21. Interim data is not final and subject to change.

SNFRM is the only measure currently determining your rankings in the SNF VBP program, you can’t afford to miss an opportunity to improve your standings.

Celtic’s associates are experienced in identifying the root cause of undesirable SNFRM outcomes and developing action plans to remediate issues.

Maureen McCarthy is currently a member of the CMS Technical Expert Panel for Measurement Gaps and Measure Development Priorities for SNF VBP Program.

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