SNF QRP Preview Reports Released

With new data included, SNFs preview their outcomes for January 2023 refresh.

If a provider disagrees with the quality measure results displayed in Preview Reports, they can request CMS review data used. Cutoff to view reports and request review is November 14th.

Data within preview reports includes:

  • Quality assessment data submitted for Q2 2021-Q1 2022
  • CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage among Healthcare Personnel (HCP) data for Q1 2022
  • Claims-based measures will display data from Q3 2019- Q4 2019 and Q3 2020-Q2 2021
  • SNF Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) measure data from Q4 2020-Q3 2021

Does your SNF QRP data accurately depict the quality services you provide? Celtic frequently conducts Quality Measure reviews to determine and address potential opportunities for improvement. Our associates are skilled in identifying root cause of quality reduction and action steps to remediate.

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