NHSN Submission Requirement and Deadline Approaching for the HCP (Health Care Personnel) Flu Vaccine

Providers are required to report Influenza Vaccination Coverage among HCP measure data through the NHSN Healthcare Personnel Safety (HPS) Component.

For this measure, SNF’s are required to submit ONE report covering the entire influenza season. The 2023-2024 Influenza season is from October 1, 2023, through March 31,2024; the deadline to report the annual HCP Influenza vaccination summary data is MAY 15, 2024.

HSN Influenza Vaccination Summary Protocol: NHSN HPS Flu Vaccine Protocol 2022 (cdc.gov)

The NHSN protocol provides guidance for healthcare facilities to report HCP influenza vaccination summary data from October 1 (or when the vaccine became available) through March 31, which includes all influenza vaccinations administered during the influenza season at the facility or elsewhere, influenza vaccine declinations, and determinations of a medical contraindication to influenza vaccination. Users must also report associated denominator data for HCP physically working in the SNFs for at least 1 working day between October 1 through March 31 of influenza season, regardless of clinical responsibility or patient contact. Facilities must report data separately for employees, licensed independent practitioners, and adult Last reviewed December 2022 students/trainees and volunteers. Reporting summary data from other contract personnel and vendors is optional currently.

Other SNF QRP data for MDS-based QMs is correctable through May 15. Be sure to review your QRP reports well in advance given the reporting increase to 90% of the required data.

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