Myers & Stauffer Releases Memo With Big Changes for CT SNFs

Myers and Stauffer released a memo this week with HUGE changes for Connecticut SNF providers, effective on Sunday (10/1/2023).

CT Providers – did you know:

  • Beginning 10/1, you will need to complete an Optional State Assessment (OSA) MDS for ALL PAYERS, for all federally required MDSs (excluding stand-alone Discharges, stand-alone End of PPS Stay NPEs, and IPAs).
  • You should complete an OSA with every MDS assessment using the same ARD, every 92 days at minimum to maintain compliance with federal requirements.
  • OSA = Additional Documentation; the new MDS effective 10/1/23 removed certain information that made the OSA necessary in some states. You will need to continue all documentation to meet the requirements for both traditional MDS assessments and the OSA!

Celtic offers support for facilities transitioning to the OSA; to advance your team’s knowledge of OSA manual rules, including changes for new fiscal years, and systems to integrate this considerable new workload.

Let’s discuss how we can help you, contact Celtic today.

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