Myers & Stauffer iQIES Error Expected To Cause Delay In 6/9/23 Release Of Final Resident Roster Reports For Connecticut Providers

Final resident roster reports scheduled for release on 6/9/23 are expected to be delayed. What does this mean for CT providers?

With the transition to the iQIES system, each individual was assigned a new Patient ID number, breaking the link between past and present (newly transmitted) MDS assessments for the same resident. Myers and Stauffer is working to correct the issue.

Until then, what does this mean for providers?

Your facility’s final CMI for payment beginning July 1, 2023 may not be calculated until after July 1 and may not include data for all payment quarters, due to the Myers & Stauffer iQIES error.

We recommend providers watch for official notifications from Myers and Stauffer and/or CT DPH; which may include updates to timeframe for final roster release.

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