Customized Operational Assistance Consulting Services

Clinical, Financial, Operational and Educational Consultation: Celtic Consulting will assign an associate who will coordinate and provide consulting services to allow organizations to maintain the most up-to-date Medicare compliance systems and keep staff trained in current regulations and changes to reimbursement programs.

Census Program Development: Through an exclusive agreement with Care Transitions, providing residents with intense care management in the post-discharge setting, providing the opportunity to access additional SNF benefits, decreasing rehospitalization rates and improving 5 Star rating.

Temporary MDS Staffing

Identification of Organizational Financial Risk Indicators: Review of work processes to increase facility efficiency and accuracy.

Clinical Reimbursement Staff Management and Performance Assessment: Including pre-employment interviews and annual performance evaluations.

Software Training: For select EMR programs, for all members of Interdisciplinary Team.

Profitability Analysis: Utilizing facility fixed and overhead costs to identify profit/loss, per resident, per facility, or company-wide.

Cost Report Preparation and Auditing

Customized Consulting Services: Celtic Consulting will provide customized educational, clinical, financial, or operational consulting services to meet your organization’s needs.

Compliance Solution Helpline Access: Facilities have access to a Celtic Consulting associate to answer questions regarding MDS/PPS/Medicare compliance, assistance in locating regulations and resources.