California and Illinois FISS DDE Logon ID Recertification Begins Next Week

Users with active logon ID access to Part A California and/or Illinois FISS DDE must complete recertification process by 4/3/22. Users with Logon IDs that are not recertified in time risk stalled cash flow until access is restored.

Be on the lookout for an email with access code next week (week of 3/7/22), and check that ngs.edi.setups@anthem.com is an allowed sender.

Users must complete the recertification process within 10 business days of receiving the access code to prevent access from being suspended. Logon IDs that are not recertified by 4/3/22 will have access to CA and/or IL region removed, including claims processing.

Logon IDs assigned new or reinstated after 2/28/22 are not required to recertify at this time.

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