Celtic Consulting

Training Programs

ICD-9/ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding Training:Transition planning and preparation, including staff training.

AANAC RAC Certifications and Re-Certifications

MDS Fundamentals for the Interdisciplinary Team: Celtic Consulting will train your entire IDT in MDS 3.0 requirements for completion of the RAI process. This includes section-by-section review of coding guidelines, proper data collection methods. Instruction on completion of resident interviews, including best practices, assigned staff responsibilities, signature and dating compliance.

Advanced MDS & PPS: This program links MDS fundamentals to daily, weekly, and monthly PPS Strategies and revenue implications; including effective ARD selection, therapy minute management, and daily RUG tracking mechanisms.

MDS Nurse Training: This comprehensive program includes: MDS Fundamentals, Medicare Compliance Training, and Advanced MDS & PPS, in addition to, CAAs and Care Planning, Regulations (regulatory compliance), survey process, preparation and management and Medicare Skilled Nursing Documentation.

Case Mix Analysis Training & Optimization

Medicare Compliance Training: Federal compliance guidelines and standards of practice.

Beneficiary Notification Training (Denial Notices): Education on completion, timing, and delivery of various denial notices for multiple payers. Includes a customized Denial Notices resource manual.

RAI/OBRA Training: Includes MDS fundamentals and Care Area Assessments, care planning and survey implications.

Basic Medicare Billing: Including correct completion of UB-04, bill types, HIPPS, occurrence, status and revenue codes, HCPCS and CPT codes, and modifiers. Claims processing and remittance advice explanation.

Medicare Review: OMIG, CERT, MAC, RAC, ZPICS, PERM, and Appeals Management: What each auditing entity is responsible for and the reviewing process involved in responding to each, including timelines and required documents.

MAC, RAC and ZPIC Audit Strategies: Preparing and educating your staff on how appropriate supportive documentation can help to avoid revenue losses. Managing the discovery phase and drafting responses to support services billed.

ADL Training (all staff levels): In-depth review including examples of each ADL and subtask coding requirements, and the implications of inaccurate coding on regulatory compliance and revenue.

Skilled Documentation Training: Specific Nursing & Interdisciplinary Team trainings available, including skilled coverage guidelines and supportive documentation.

Restorative Nursing Program Development: Development of customized tools to address resident identification and assessment for appropriateness; including staff training, implementation and evaluation of an effective program.

Medicare Skilled Nursing Documentation Training: Review of skilled care requirements, observing for reasonable and medically necessary services, including recognizing skilled services vs. custodial care, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) coverage guidelines, best practices for diagnosis coding and sequencing, and documentation requirements to support therapy as a skilled service.

Care Plan Training: Celtic Consulting will train your Interdisciplinary Team on the care planning process, including ‘interdisciplinary’ rather than ‘multidisciplinary’ care planning methods, and assigning interventions to the IDT and state surveyor interpretation of resident problems. Additional areas include how to develop resident-centered goals and outcomes that are measureable, proper use of interim/admission care plans, and identification of risk and contributing factors.

Webinar Training: Convenient and affordable webinar-based training sessions are available for all training topics described above and customized programs are also available to meet your organizations needs.