Celtic Consulting

Quality Metrics

Quality Measures/5-Star Consulting Services

Celtic Consulting will evaluate your facility’s Quality Metrics compared to benchmarks

Survey and Certification Audits: Scope and severity of deficient practices sets the basis of the 5-star rating system.

Quality Measures/PEPPER Analysis & Reporting: Review of current status in reported measures, verification of the accuracy of the data reported.

Quality Management Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation: To improve your process and outcomes.

5-Star Analysis:The 5-Star program consists of survey, staffing and quality measures. Celtic Consulting will provide an analysis of current status of all domains comprising the 5-star rating and assist your organization in developing a customized plan for improvement. Includes reviews of MDS accuracy, review of QMs, clinical programs review, CMS forms review, and supportive documentation.

Community Integration through an exclusive contract with Care Transitions**

Rehospitalization Rate Reduction

Development of Strategies and Tools: Allows organization to track rehospitalizations and frequently review data to identify trends.

Identification of Probable vs. Possible Injuries after an event: Allowing organizations to determine whether treatment can be initiated in the SNF, avoiding the need for acute transfer.

Identification of Root Cause Contributing to Change of Condition

Team Training to Provide Enhanced Care and Support: Including improved discharge processes, early post-discharge follow-up, remote monitoring and nurse-led transaction care services through an exclusive contract with Care Transitions**

**Care Transitions is a post-acute care coordination provider, to assist with post-discharge management of residents, including intensive case management, resource integration and setup of ancillary services ensuring a successful discharge and reducing the need for unnecessary rehospitalizations.