Celtic Consulting

PDPM Preparation & Implementation Services

Receive training from an AHCA PDPM Academy Trainer, Celtic Consulting. Don’t take a chance on inaccurate interpretations, be sure you have a reputable expert for your education and implementation resources. Celtic is your PDPM partner, to help you over this hurdle through effective, engaging practices, made for the “real world”.

PDPM Preparedness

PDPM Strategic Planning Sessions

PDPM Readiness Analysis

PDPM Compliance Auditing

Rehab Management under PDPM

Restorative Nursing Program Development & Review

Vendor Contract Management Assessment


Census Development Under PDPM

Upstream PDPM Opportunities Analysis

Downstream PDPM Opportunity Analysis

Physician/APRN, PA Training on PDPM Concepts


Managing the MDS Process

MDS Accuracy auditing

ICD-10 Diagnosis/Condition Reporting Assessment

Skilled Nursing/Rehab Documentation Auditing


Billing/ Finance

PDPM Claims Auditing

Billing Training and PDPM Rate Review & Setup

Revenue Analysis