Celtic Consulting

Clinical Care Management Services

Celtic Consulting can provide a variety of clinical care services ranging from occasional oversight to intensive training of the facility’s clinical team. Most effective services include:

  • Director of Nursing Position Comprehensive Training
  • Mock Survey Auditing/ Survey Preparedness
  • Education to the nursing team on the State & Federal Survey process
  • Survey response and plans of correction to findings during survey process, state auditors and corporate auditors
  • Investigation of Incidents and Accidents and reporting requirements
  • Performance Evaluations and Interviewing basics
  • Clinical program assessment and development including: Skin care program, ADL care, Clinical documentation, Resident assessment, Falls prevention, Discharge preparedness (planning), Care planning, Full QAPI program evaluation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, EMR and Interact proficiency and auditing dashboard alerts processes utilizing EMR, Management and evaluation of changes to Requirements of Participation