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New 5-Star Reports Available: Now Including Q4 2017 PBJ Data for Staffing Star Calculation

Posted Friday, April 27, 2018

Fourth Quarter 2017 Data is currently being used to report the staffing domain in the Five Star Rating system,  the most recent 5-Star Report was released earlier this week.
The window for correction of PBJ data closed on 2/14/18 for Q4 2017. There are no correction opportunities for data reported after the deadline has passed.
Please be aware that the Q1 2018 deadline is 5/15/18. Submitting your data during the week of the deadline date is considered too late for correction opportunities. Facilities should be proactive in submitting their data, including verifying various PBJ CASPER reports for accuracy.

Contact Celtic today for PBJ Data analysis and feedback, related to reporting criteria and systems.